Small Viking Dragon Armring With Runes


    • Description

      I have designed this armring myself, using the Ringerike viking dragon pattern. The dragon is an ancient symbol in viking art and can be interpreted as a guardian against danger.

      In the 11th century Viking art stretched to a new level of exhuberance with what we now call the Ringerike style. Three writhing beasts entwine across this armring, bearing an original Old Norse runic inscription: heil fer thu ok i hugom guthom. Thor thik sithi, Freya thik vigi, Othin vigi thesi runar. This translates: health to you and peace of mind. Thor protect you, Freya bless you, Odin bless these runes.


      The armring measure 17mm wide at the centre.

      This small bracelet will fit wrists up to 17.5cms circumference.