6mm Diameter Silver Viking Chain with Wolf Head Terminals


    • Description

      6mm diameter Viking chain in sterling silver, 61cm length (24 inches), including wolf  head terminals.

      Viking silversmiths wove wire into chains, with a technique known as the serpent pattern, for displaying their most precious pendants.

      Our chains are made using this handwoven technique. They are made especially for us with our wolf head terminals, to our specifications. Each end is tipped with a wolf head, modelled on Ringerike style finds from Gotland.

      The viking silver chain is sold separately, or together with a pendant.

      Each chain comes with a clever W-hook for closure. It can be easily opened and closed over the chest.

      These W-hooks come in different sizes. If you are buying a chain without a pendant, you should select one of these hook widths and add a comment to your order in the comments section.  If you order a chain with one of our pendants, we will fit the correct hook for you.