Viking Raven Earrings


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      These Viking earrings are my own design. I was inspired to make these raven earrings when I came across a pair of raven-shaped Viking garter hooks in in a similar form.

      There are many references to ravens in the poetry of the vikings and many examples of viking art show the image of this mythical bird.

      The raven was a powerful motif for the vikings, a symbol of the power of the mind and a connection to the spirit world. In short, what the vikings thought of as wisdom.

      As a spirit animal, the raven could act as guide for the shaman to the Otherworld.

      Odin, as god of magic, has two ravens Huginn and Muninn – Thought and Memory – who aid him in his constant quest for wisdom. He is referrred to as Hrafnaguth, the Raven God.

      I like the idea that an ancient symbol – very traditional in Viking art – has been re-worked to find its place in the 21st century.

      Price is for the pair and available in sterling silver only.


      Length 35mm 



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