Large Animal Head Thor's Hammer


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      Many years ago I wanted to make a large Thor's Hammer with a fiercesome animal head. I took the form of the hammer from original Viking Age finds and gave it a thicker, stronger shape,  emphasizing the pointed form. I added an animal head modelled on an original head from a Viking spur and carved the traditional ring chain pattern in the hammer shaft. The interlaced birds on the hammer head are my own inspiration.

      Many Thor's hammers have been found from the Viking Age, but this is my own design, inspired by traditional motifs. It is heavy and uncompromising.

      Since I first designed this hammer, other people have copied it illegally, some even claiming it is an original design from the Viking Age.

      But now you know the origin of my original large animal head Thor's hammer.

      Height 43mm

      Weight in Sterling Silver 47g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 


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      Brian Taylor
      The original and the best!

      We love Alban's work and have been buying from him for many years. This is one of my favourite products and love the quality and the weight of this piece!


      Bought the large hammer in silver on the viking market in Ribe 5/5/23, but sadly you were out of wolfhead chains please notify me when they are back in stock.
      I need one ;-)

      Will do Erik

      Absolutely outstanding

      I own a large collection of Thorshammer amulets, most of them replicas of iconic originals, but also some modern designs. Alban's large Thorshammer is the latest addition and absolutely stands out among the modern designs: it is the heaviest, perfectly crafted, and convincingly consistent with the design language of the Viking Age. I love having learned about the story and the people behind it via YouTube. Thank you Alban and Rachel!

      You are welcome, thank you Klaus

      Rob Collins
      Best hammer

      I was really happy to receive this, the look and weight of this pendant is great, pictures really don’t do it justice until you hold it in your hand and realise how special it is.

      Great customer service from Alban and Rachel aswell.

      Thanks Rob


      I just received my Thor hammer pendant, and it is truly an incredible work of art! There are very beautiful details in the design, like the two ravens and the wolf's head as well as the knotting, all in relief and given a striking depth by their contrast with the relief's darkened recesses. The hammer also has a wonderful heft due to it being a solid piece of bronze, which adds to its already impressive nature. The pictures on the site do capture its beauty to an extent, but even those photos don't do it justice as it's not until you have it in hand that you realize just how truly exquisite it is. This is one objet d'art that is worth far more than its price, and I recommend it highly!

      Thank you Frank

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