V Shape Ring with Beast Head


    • Description

      I came across a spur from the Viking Age with this stylised beast head and knew immediately that I would like to make it into a ring. The unusual form of the V-ring is for people who will wear something out of the ordinary – although it is smooth and very comfortable to wear. The beast head in the Borre art style is obviously a totem animal that brings power to the wearer – but the head is so stylised that the wearer will have to decide for themselves what animal that is. From my knowledge of viking art, I would suggest a wolf or bear, symbols of the inner warrior, independence and strength of will.


      This ring is made in 3 sizes. They are not open or adjustable.

      The Large ring size is 62mm in circumference.

      The Medium ring is 57mm in circumference.

      The Small ring is 53mm in circumference.

      You can easily measure the circumference of your finger with a strip of paper.


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