Viking Raven Ring with Runes


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      Sterling Silver 925 Ring 

      This is one of my favourite viking designs, taken from a stunning piece of metalwork called the Sollested horse collar from 10th century Denmark. The stylised interlace shows the abstract form of two viking ravens, Huginn and Muninn, the two spirit guides of the god Odin. They represent the power of the mind and served Odin in his quest for wisdom. Their names translate as Thought and Memory and are inscribed in runes on either side of the bird’s heads. Just as these mythical birds were woven into the fate of the world, their bodies are interwoven in the design of the ring.

      This is my remodelling of this ancient artwork from our Viking past as a sterling silver raven ring.

      Size and Weight 

      I have made this ring in two sizes. They are open at the back so both are adjustable and you can bend them gently for a perfect fit.

      Which size is right for you? As a rough guide: on an average hand, the small ring will fit a female index finger or a male little finger. The large ring will fit an average male index finger.

      If you want to be more exact, please measure the circumference of your finger with a strip of paper, and compare your millimeter measurement with this table:

      Large ring
      At its widest adjustment, this ring will fit 76mm circumference.

      At a regular adjustment, this ring will fit 64mm circumference.

      At its smallest adjustment, this ring will fit 58mm circumference.

      Weight Sterling Silver 10g (Weight may vary from piece to piece)

      Small ring
      At its widest adjustment, this ring will fit 67mm circumference.

      At a regular adjustment, this ring will fit 59mm circumference.

      At its smallest adjustment, this ring will fit 51mm circumference.

      Weight Sterling Silver 7.6g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 

      You can adjust the ring easily yourself by using a piece of wood, or something similar, to prise the ring open, or to tap it to a smaller size.  There is a film about how to do this on our YouTube Channel. You can copy this link into your browser

      If you prefer, you can add a note to your order and we will adjust the ring for you to a specific size.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Beatriz Serrano Castilla
      Beautiful work

      I bought this ring for my fiancé and he loved it! He can't stop staring at it, saying is so beautiful. I really reccommend this seller, his skills with jewellery are amazing, I'm very glad I found the store.

      Hendrik Johan
      A real eyecatcher

      This is the second ring I got from Alban and Rachel, the delivery was super quick and all the communication was fantastic.

      The ring is stunning. I strive to have a full raven set someday but this is a wonderful starting point. It looks great from every angle and the design is eyecatching without being too complex. It's a bit of a shame that the backside looks as good as it does because I won't be able to look at it much when wearing the ring haha. Oh and it fits amazing too :)

      Cheers from Germany!

      Thank you!

      James Crowe
      Meaningful promise ring from my beloved

      I received this ring as an engagement promise from my then fiancee before I moved abroad for work. Three years later we are happily married and living together again, but knowing that my beloved was in my thoughts and memories gave us both tremendous strength to live separately. Because of that, this stunning design will continue to be worn daily and always hold fond memories for me, and always remind me of my beloved.

      Having also led an active life, and it has held up amazon well with it's shine and clear patterning, wish I could say the same for my expensive wedding ring from H Samuels!

      Thank you James

      Favourite piece

      A beautiful ring that catches the eye. Beautiful to wear. My new favourite piece that I wear almost every day

      Thank you Tina

      A beautiful piece of craftsmanship

      After looking at the ring from time to time and unfortunately it wasn't available for a while, I gave myself this ring for Christmas. As you would expect, the ring is superbly crafted - Alban is an absolute artist! I love the design and the piece of jewelry is very comfortable to wear.
      Thank you for this beautiful piece, I will gladly buy from you again!

      Thank you Andreas, Vielen Dank

      Customer Reviews

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