Viking Wolf Head Ring


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      The wolf was a symbol of power for the Vikings – we find it again and again as an image in their art, but also in their myths and legends.

      The wolf was primarily the sign of the warrior, but it also works on deeper levels of meaning.

      It lurked in the deep forest of legend (known as Mirkvithr), a hidden threat in dark places; the myth of the inner warrior who waits to come out.

      The lone wolf was something strongly independent and untamed; the name wolf head was also a term used for an outlaw who took refuge in the forest.

      I believe these ancient meanings still echo for us today. I have designed this ring myself, using the Borre style and closely modelling it on wolf head motifs found on an original viking casket.


      This ring is open at the back and can be adjusted to fit.

      Which size is right for you? You can adjust the ring yourself by using a piece of wood, or something similar, to prise the ring open, or to tap it to a smaller size. If you prefer, you can add a note to your order in the comments section and we will adjust the ring for you to a specific size.

      If you want to be more exact, please measure the circumference of your finger with a strip of paper, and compare your millimeter measurement with the table below.

      We recommend that you choose one of the sizes M, L or XL when you order, so we will start the adjustment for you.

       Largest size – X-LARGE
      At its widest adjustment, this ring will fit 78mm circumference.

       Regular size – LARGE
      At its regular adjustment, this ring will fit 67mm circumference

      Smallest size – MEDIUM
      At its smallest adjustment, this ring will fit 56mm circumference.


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