Fenrir Viking Wolf Pendant with Runes


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      One of the enduring myths from the Vikings tells of the great wolf Fenrir. We still tell these tales today of the monstrous wolf, bound by the gods with the mysterious ribbon Gleipnir.

      A smaller wolf has also endured since the Viking Age. From the mud of Dublin has emerged a wooden figure, carved by a hand over a thousand years ago. This is the inspiration for my Fenrir.

      I have closely followed the original carving, adding Mammen-style spirals where the patterns on the wood were worn away, and changing a ball gripped in the wooden wolf’s paws for a tightly-wound bond. And so the figure becomes Fenrir.

      I have traced a runic inscription on a band around the body, taken from the ancient Norse poem Voluspa, where the witch taunts Othinn with the truth of his future.

      'Festr mun slitna en freki renna'

      'The bond will break and the wolf run free'.

      Size and Weight

      Height, including hanging loop, 44mm / 1 3/8 inches.

      Silver weight 17.5gm / 0.6 ozs



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      Juliet Sargent
      Fenrir Pendant

      I lovely piece of jewellery that I'm grateful to have.
      Beautifully made and highly polished bronze with a runic inscription that means so much to me.
      Thank you

      A masterpiece

      A great piece of craftsmanship
      So detailed and absolutely beautiful. I love it!

      Thank you Tina

      Customer Reviews

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