Sterling Silver Snake Chain


    • Description

      This is a modern round Snake chain we have sourced, to complement our pendants. Sterling silver 925, with a lobster fastener, it is available in 3 sizes.

      Please note that the chains do not fit through all of our pendants.  Please ask if you are not sure.

      Size and Weight 

      3mm Diameter x 50cms Length   Weight 26g 

      2.4mm Diameter x 45cms Length  Weight 10.2g 

      2.4mm Diameter x 50cms Length 

      1.6mm Diameter x 45cms Length  Weight 5g 

      1.6mm Diameter x 50cms Length 


      Customer Reviews

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      Marco Van der Schans
      Silver Snake Chain

      The perfect silver chain for all the magnificent pendants made by Northan. Besides that, the service and delivery are great! Keep up the good work!!

      Dave van de Pol

      Good quality chain, comfortable for daily use together with the thorshammer with runic text.

      Michael Mullane
      Great quality chain

      With my purchase of Odin's Mask, I decided to grab one of these great chains. Rachel and Alban adjusted my mask to fit one of the snake chains and the result- Odin mask with a 2.4mm chain= a true work of art, comfortable chain which does not snag, polished so it's as bright at Gullinbursti and very comfortable to wear. Verdict= Customer service and a fantastic piece of art which are both second to none and can't be beaten. Thankyou to both Rachel and Alban for my third memorable piece! Aesir Vigi.

      Thanks Mike!

      Customer Reviews

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