Viking Wolf Armring


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      This huge armring has two wolf heads at its centre. It is my own very special design, using the style of the Viking Age to make a unique piece of jewellery for the 21st century. For the vikings the wolf was the symbol of a warrior. It comes up constantly in their myths and legends, as well as in viking art.

      There are beaten silver armrings from the Viking Age found in this shape, but I have decided to carve a Borre style knotwork pattern into mine. I have also added an original Old Norse runic inscription in the central wheel of the design. The eddic poem Voluspa talks of the wolf Fenrir, saying:  festR mun slitna ok freki renna, which means: the bond will break and the wolf run free. This is the inscription about the Fenris wolf at the heart of my bracelet.

      These heavy wolf armrings are very special. They are a great deal of work to make and I can only produce very few each year. Cast in solid Sterling silver.


      The wolf armring is 30mm wide at the centre. It will fit wrist sizes 18 – 19cm circumference ( 7 – 7 ½ inches), measured between your hand and wrist bone.

      Please state your wrist size in the notes section when you check out.


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