Odin Horned Viking Warrior Pendant


    • Description

      This motif of the horned warrior (also called a weapon dancer) is a symbol of the cult of Odin. Examples survive from the Viking Age and earlier. I have modelled the figure of my pendant on a horned warrior from a patrice from 7th century Öland, Sweden, but other examples of the weapon dancer exist from Sutton Hoo and Valsgärde, as well as finds of small figures and masks. The horned warrior, or weapon dancer, seems to show a scene from the ritual of a warrior cult. Sometimes the figure has one eye, sometimes two, but always the horned headdress ending in birds' heads. Here we have the connection with Huginn and Muninn, the ravens who brought Odin news from their travels over the nine worlds. The horns remember older traditions of Odin as the horned god and leader of the Wild Hunt.

      All these ancient symbols are reflected in my Odin pendant.


      Height 40 mm

      Weight of Sterling silver 18.5g (Weights may vary from piece to piece)