Small Thor's Hammer


    • Description

      This is my own design, a small version of the original Sejro Thor's hammer from Denmark.

      I have altered the form of the Sejro hammer slightly, sharpening it and giving it a blade-like form, bevelling out from the centre. The small size also makes it suitable for a Thor's hammer earring.

      Thor's elemental weapon, the hammer, was a bringer of thunder. The Viking god Thor protected the order of the universe against the chaotic forces of the giants, and his hammer was the key to this. A primordial myth that reaches back into the hidden past, the hammer as a weapon predates mankind's discovery of metal. Yet its meaning still resonates for us today.

      Strength against chaos.

      It was also a sacred symbol that was used to hallow the union of man and woman at the marriage ceremony.

      Height 20mm