Viking Sigurd and the Dragon shirt


    • Description

      Sigurd the Dragonslayer

      The writhing dragons carved into ancient Viking runestones – one of them showing Sigurd stabbing the dragon Fafnir – were my inspiration for the design on the front of this shirt. Sigurd, the greatest of all the legendary Viking heroes, is also remembered in the poems of the Elder Edda, and I quote the lines in Old Norse from Fafnismal in the runic inscription:

      'Then Sigurd thrust his sword into the body and heart. Fafnir writhed and struck out with his head and tail'.

      For the design across the shoulders I have adapted a Mammen-style beast that was carved into a bone sword hilt.

      The shirts are the highest quality grade T-shirt, Gildan Ultra, black with a very pale grey design, printed by hand in England.


      Small - 34/36 inches, Medium - 38/40 inches, Large - 42/44 inches, XL - 46/48 inches, 2XL - 50/52 inches, 3XL 54/56 inches, 4XL - 58/60 inches, 5XL - 62/64 inches.