Earrings from Viking Age Byzantium


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      These are copies of a splendid pair of gold earrings from Byzantium. Fashions from the "Great City“, as the Vikings called Byzantium, made their way east along trade routes to the Viking lands. Earrings are a rarity in Viking excavations, but occasionally the fashions of then East, particularly fine silks, made their way into Viking culture.

      So I have copied these earrings from Byzantium.

      They show the motif of two love birds with rings around their necks. The birds known as collared doves originate in the east and, unusually among birds, they mate for life.

      A traditional symbol for a lady in Byzantium or a wealthy Viking woman. I think also a fitting symbol for today.

       Available in sterling silver or 24 ct gold-plated sterling silver.

      The price is for the pair.

      Size and Weight 

      25mm in width and 34mm in length from the top of the hoop to the base of the pendant.

      Weight of Sterling Silver Pair 7g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 


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      Julia Vasileva
      Detail perfection!!!!

      I love very much these earrings - very beautiful and detail and very quality!!!! These are one of my favoritest!!! Everytime when I buy something piece from your great shop - It`s a real pleasure for me!!!! This is masterpiese!!!

      My favorites!

      These are so pretty, and the details are amazing. Absolutely my favorite pair of earrings.

      Thank you Anne.

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