Icelandic Thor's Hammer Wolf Cross


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      This intriguing Icelandic Viking hammer, also known as a Thor's hammer cross or wolf cross, is something of a mystery. I have copied it from an original Icelandic find from the Viking Age, but its exact meaning is a puzzle.

      Many people interpret it as a Thor's hammer, with a cross cut in its centre to increase its power of protection.

      Others see it as a christian cross (a cross of St. Peter) that simply seems to hang like a hammer.

      It could also come from the time of the conversion of Iceland to Christianity, when it was illegal to worship the old gods in public, but permissable in private. This pendant would then have the public appearance of a cross, but privately symbolised a Thor's hammer.

       Whatever its origin, this pendant still remains a powerful symbol for us today.

       When I was in Iceland many years ago, an old man saw this pendant I had made and became very excited. He told me a story about its discovery by a farmer he knew. One day the farmer had noticed that his cow was limping and, when he checked her hoof, he found this pendant lodged there!

       Height 35mm

      Weight in Sterling Silver 8.4g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 


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