Large Icelandic Thor's Hammer Wolf Cross


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      This intriguing Icelandic Viking pendant, also known as a Thor's hammer cross or wolf cross, is something of a mystery. I have copied this, my large version, from the well-known original Icelandic find, changing the size and form slightly.

      Many people interpret it as a Thor's hammer, with a cross cut in its centre to increase its power of protection.

      Others see it as a christian cross (a cross of St. Peter) that simply seems to hang like a hammer.

      It could also come from the time of the conversion of Iceland to Christianity, when it was illegal to worship the old gods in public, but permissible in private. This pendant would then have the public appearance of a cross, but privately symbolised a Thor's hammer.

      Whatever its origin, this pendant still remains a powerful symbol for us today.

      For me as a craftsman it is also meaningful: it is the oldest of the pieces that we still produce and it is often copied by pirate producers so beware!

       Height 55mm

      Weight in Sterling Silver 24.4g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 



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      Alison Rounce

      The Icelandic Wolf Cross is beautiful and a lovely weight. I chose the larger size and was worried maybe it would be too big, but it really isn't, it's perfect! I like that I can feel it on my neck and how nice it is when it warms to my skin.
      I had searched for a while for the perfect piece when I saw this. I chose your site because I liked that it wasn't just a business of churning items out it seemed to mean more to you than that? I don't know why but I just felt it did. I felt there was a genuine interest in the subject and I felt that showed in the pieces that you produced.

      I can honestly say I will look on any other site for future pieces :0)

      Thank you Alison, we are really proud of our work, so we are glad that come across!

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