Mask Of Odin Pendant


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      This is my own recreation of the mask of Odin, modelling it closely on the various finds, staying true to the original motifs. I have inscribed runes on the back in Old Norse: Othin vigi - Odin protect.  The mask of Odin, chief of the Viking gods, has crossed the gulf of time, surviving in rediscovered carvings, metalwork and pendants. Time and again the face of the Odin peers out at us from the distant past. He is often shown - as here - as a mask, crowned with horns ending in raven heads, or as a figure bearing weapons. We see his one eye, the other sacrificed in exchange for wisdom. We see the ravens Hugin and Munin, who brought him news from across the nine worlds. We see the horns, bearing witness to his connection to the horned god of older traditions, and to the Wild Hunt.

       Height 35mm

      Weight of Sterling Silver 12.2g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 




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