Viking Raven Head Pendant


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      I was poring through a book on Viking art when I found this powerful image of a raven head. I have used it to make a Viking pendant, although the original was tucked away on the corner of heavily decorated box – a box that was made for the Danish king Harald Bluetooth and sent as a gift to a bishop in Germany. This striking viking raven head design has survived in the dusty treasury of the church in Bamberg until today, when once again the lost art of the Vikings has been brought into the light of day.

      I felt the strength of this raven head as soon as I saw it. The raven symbolised the power of the mind, as a bringer of wisdom and as a spirit guide to the Otherworld. It is found over and over again in viking art, legends and poetry.

      I have copied this original viking design and brought it to you as a raven head pendant.

       Height 29mm

      Weight of Sterling Silver 10g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 


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