Runic Thor's Hammer


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      This sterling silver and bronze Thor's Hammer with runes, is my copy of  an exciting recent discovery from Lolland, Denmark.  This is the only Thor's Hammer found with a runic inscription – which reads, translating this is a hammer. The other side shows a mask, probably the god‘s face.

      Viking myths tell us that Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir, was the weapon that protected the world from the chaotic forces of the giants. Many amulets of Thor's Hammer have been found, as a symbol of strength against the chaotic forces of the universe. As a holy symbol of Norse paganism, the hammer was also used to hallow the union between man and wife.

      Height 28mm

      Weight of Sterling Silver 13.6g (Weight may vary from piece to piece)


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      Dave van de Pol

      Beautiful craftmanship, nice details and comfortable size.
      Viking art is still alive today!

      Sue P
      Beautiful Runic Hammer

      I have bought this pendant in silver, the craftsmanship & archeological accuracy based on the Lolland torshammere is exceptional. I love it! I would recommend Northan Viking Silver as a source of quality goods as both Alban & Rachel have a strong interest in Viking history and it shows! Thank you both :)

      Thanks Sue

      Great Piece :)

      I absolutely love my pendant that I brought from you at Loxwood Joust, it hasn't left my neck!
      Great craftsmanship, so glad that I made the purchase :)

      Thank you and see you next year!

      Lovely pendant in both silver and bronze

      My wife and I eloped this summer to Lolland (the Gretna Green of Europe!*), and when we saw this Thor's hammer on Alban & Rachel's store at the "Battle of Hastings" and they told us it was from the island, I bought myself the bronze version. I've been wearing it every day ever since. Later I ordered the silver version (plus the relevant 2.4mm chain) from the webshop for my wife and she loves hers too. They're a really nice reminder of our trip to Denmark this summer. :)

      * You can even book a "Viking wedding" there, although we didn't do that!

      A wonderful story thanks Chris.

      Travis S Boardman
      Superb Craftsmanship..!!

      Recieved my new pendant the other day to replace my older one and the craftsmanship on this is just perfect. Its such a wonderful piece. It's definately worth its weight in silver and then some. Thank you so much for this finely detailed work of art, it's amazing and feels perfect around my neck and close to my heart/soul. Kindly, Travis

      Thanks Travis

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