Silver Viking Openwork Dragon Ring


    • Description

      Sterling Silver 925

      This striking dragon design on the openwork dragon ring was originally carved by a viking into a stone on the Isle of Man in the 10th century.

      The vikings told tales of dragons who guarded ancient treasure. In their art they often used the symbol of the dragon as a guardian against danger. When I first saw this carving I wanted to recreate it as a ring, so now you can wear this ancient symbol wrapped around your finger.

      For this ring I have cut the pattern through, in sterling silver openwork.

      Size and Weight 

      I have made the ring in two sizes. They are open at the back so both are adjustable and you can bend them gently for a perfect fit.

      Which size is right for you?
      As a rough guide, a large ring will fit a medium to large male finger. A small ring will fit a medium to large female finger.

      If you want to be more exact, please measure the circumference of your finger with a strip of paper, and compare your millimeter measurement with this table:

      Large ring
      At its widest adjustment, this ring will fit 74mm circumference.

      At a regular adjustment, this ring will fit 64mm circumference.

      At its smallest adjustment, this ring will fit 58mm circumference.

      Weight Sterling Silver 9.5g (Weights may vary from piece to piece)

      Small ring
      At its widest adjustment, this ring will fit 66mm circumference.

      At a regular adjustment, this ring will fit 60mm circumference.

      At its smallest adjustment, this ring will fit 52mm circumference.

      Weight Sterling Silver 6.5g (Weights may vary from piece to piece)

      You can adjust the ring easily yourself by using a piece of wood, or something similar, to prise the ring open, or to tap it to a smaller size.  There is a film about how to do this on our YouTube Channel. You can copy this link into your browser

      If you prefer, you can add a note to your order and we will adjust the ring for you to a specific size.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Wonderful ring

      Many thanks for my dragon ring, received this afternoon.

      It's really beautiful, I'll treasure it.

      Thank you Roz

      Eve Bushell
      Gorgeous present!

      This ring is a present for someone
      and I am thrilled with the design
      and Craftsmanship. I know the
      recipient will be very happy to
      own and wear such amazing work.
      Thank you so much Alban and
      Rachel for all your help with my

      You are welcome Eve

      Paul Farley
      Fabulous Silver

      I had been searching for a ring for some time & found the one! I wanted a silver ring that meant something to me & was made in Britain by a local craftsman (or craftswomen) Thankfully I found it in Albans silver craft creativity. I chose this beautiful silver ring as it meant something personal to me, as it has a particular design that is relative to a design that is on an ancient stone carving done by Vikings on the Isle of Man. I spent time as a youth there discovering ancient historical locations of Viking tales & artefacts. The dragon ring reminds me of those wonderful years discovering the island & its earlier Viking inhabitants. I have a piece of ancient art on my finger created by a modern day Silversmith (Alban), with regards to bespoke jewellery you can’t get any better than that I reckon; a ring to treasure.

      Thank you Paul!

      Felt lost without it - an absolute keeper

      Bought my first two rings from Alban a couple years back and have been wearing them everyday since, gaining many compliments and questions about it as well. That is until an unfortunate situation occurred during work where this very dragon ring got crushed, snapping just at the tail portion. Haven't felt right since then, but having purchased a replacement just recently as a birthday gift to myself, all is right in the world again.

      It's a fantastic and intricately-crafted piece of work, and while there may be similar rings out there, nothing comes close to the quality and detail of the Northan version. Extremely happy with it, and highly recommend it to anyone interested or on the fence about making a purchase, you won't need to look anywhere else.

      Thanks Josh

      My favourite

      I own three of Alban's rings and this... This is my absolute favourite. The intricate details and the depth of the design blows me away every single time I look at it.

      Thank you so much Maja.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews Write a review