Thor's Hammer with Animal Head


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      Many years ago I wanted to make a Thor's Hammer with a fiercesome animal head. I took the form of the hammer from original Viking Age finds and gave it a thicker, stronger shape, emphasizing the pointed form. I added an animal head modelled on an original head from a Viking spur and carved the traditional ring chain pattern in the hammer shaft. The interlaced birds on the hammer head are my own inspiration.

      Many Thor's hammers have been found from the Viking Age, but this is my own design, inspired by traditional motifs. It is solid and uncompromising.

      Since I first designed this hammer, other people have copied it illegally, some even claiming it is an original design from the Viking Age.

      But now you know the origin of my original animal head Thor's hammer.

      I first made this hammer in a larger form, this is a smaller version. I have added an original runic inscription from the Viking Age to the back, which reads: 'Thor vigi'– 'Thor protects'.

      Height 33mm

      Weight of Sterling Silver 21g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 


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