Thor's Hammer with Animal Head


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      Many years ago I wanted to make a Thor's Hammer with a fiercesome animal head. I took the form of the hammer from original Viking Age finds and gave it a thicker, stronger shape, emphasizing the pointed form. I added an animal head modelled on an original head from a Viking spur and carved the traditional ring chain pattern in the hammer shaft. The interlaced birds on the hammer head are my own inspiration.

      Many Thor's hammers have been found from the Viking Age, but this is my own design, inspired by traditional motifs. It is solid and uncompromising.

      Since I first designed this hammer, other people have copied it illegally, some even claiming it is an original design from the Viking Age.

      But now you know the origin of my original animal head Thor's hammer.

      I first made this hammer in a larger form, this is a smaller version. I have added an original runic inscription from the Viking Age to the back, which reads: 'Thor vigi'– 'Thor protects'.

      Height 33mm

      Weight of Sterling Silver 21g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 


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      I bought the brass version of Thor's hammer and it is a beautiful work of art. I absolutely love it. The weight and feel are perfect. Thank you so much Alban and Rachel.

      Thank you Anne.

      Sue P

      The artistry in this hammer is exquisite, beautifully carved by Alban. It's has a solid weight and feel and I have no doubt that it will draw comments when I wear it out & about.
      I had originally purchased the Large version(which is fab) but it proved a bit too heavy for me and Rachel very kindly exchanged it for this smaller version. She's been very helpful and understanding, I cannot fault their customer service.
      Their jewellery is so much better than buying cheap mass production goods, time, care & research is invested in each design. If you want to get close to the real thing then this is the place to buy it. Thank you Alban & Rachel :)

      Thank you Sue

      A mighty mjlnir

      This bear head mjolnir is amazing. The craftsmanship is obvious from opening the box. The detail in the casting is awesome, and it has a hefty feel to it, but it still fitted my best chain. Definitely my forever Thor's Hammer

      Thank you Scott

      Esben Johansn
      Stunning detail and craftmanship

      I bought this Thors hammer with a wolfshead snakechain from Alban. The quality and craftmanship is excellent. This is now my daily Worn unit. Alban also has great customer service.

      Thanks Esben.

      Frank preuter
      Verry nice products

      Met allan in denmark at the bork viking market and bought for my self a bracelet. And for my wife after that a ring and back at the house i have regret that i didnt buy the hammer of thor i had his mobile nr and gave him a call and on the way to the netherlands and he say come buy and i did a top guys with lots of passion and unique jewelry

      Thanks Frank

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