Thor's Hammer with Valknut


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      This is the ancient symbol of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, the weapon of Thor the thunder god. This is my own design, modelled on the many original Viking Thor's hammer amulets that have been found. I have added the valknut at the top.

      Thor's elemental weapon, the hammer, was a bringer of thunder. The Viking god Thor protected the order of the universe against the chaotic forces of the giants, and his hammer was the key to this. A primordial myth that reaches back into the hidden past, the hammer as a weapon predates mankind's discovery of metal. Yet its meaning still resonates for us today.

      Strength against chaos.

      It was also a sacred symbol that was used to hallow the union of man and woman at the marriage ceremony.

      The valknut is usually connected with the god Odin who also strove the protect the order of the universe against destructive forces, through using cunning as well as strength.


      Height 36mm

      Weight of Sterling Silver 26g (Weight may vary from piece to piece)  


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