Urnes Wolf Viking Earrings


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      These elegant modern earrings are my own design, but I have taken the smooth flowing Urnes style pattern from an original Viking find; not from earrings, but from a sword. In a remarkable grave in Finland, a wealthy woman was buried with two swords, one of them beautifully ornamented with 11th century viking art. Small animals, that could be wolves or dragons,  were cast in the bronze grip and I have used this delicate pattern for our 21st century viking earrings. We make them in either sterling silver, or in 24 carat gold-plated sterling silver.

      The price is for the pair.

      Size and Weight 

      length, without the wire hook, 24mm

      Weight in Sterling Silver Pair 4g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 


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      Stephen Whitehurst

      Bought these for my Wife, they match the ring and bracelet she already wears. Once again the craftsmanship shines out. Would highly recommend all of their products.
      Regards, Steve.

      Devi Verheijden
      Awesome design and great quality

      I gave the silver set a a Christmas present to my wife. She was very sad she lost one very short after.. But to my astonishment I found it on the gravel road behind our house. It had been there for nearly two months trapped in the snow/ice. I looked like new, there was no damage what so ever. And that with cars using the road daily. So made to last I'd say!

      Thanks Devi - great lost and found story!

      Daniel Stelzer
      Delicate Earrings

      Bought those Earrings as a present. They Look delicate but they are Bug enough that you can See the Design and the quality clearly.
      Very nice piece of Art!

      Thanks Daniel

      Eye-catching earrings

      Like always, such excellent quality, the detailing is exquisite. I received these as a present that completed my Urnes Wolf set and I love them! They always get a lot of compliments when I wear them.

      Thanks Kat!

      Julia Vasileva
      The best earrings

      Very beautiful and quality product - a real masterpiese of the viking art!!! Just a GREAT work!!! Love it very much!!!! For me is a big happiness and honor to wear this beautiful art product - it`s so wonderful and special, because that it based on a real artefact from the vikig era, combined with a personal design!!! My favorite Urnes style!!! I am impressed very much!!! You guys are awesome!!!

      Thank you so much Julia.

      Customer Reviews

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