Viking Raven Armring with Runes


    • Description

      This Viking armring comes from one of my favourite designs left to us from the Viking Age. I have modelled the two ravens on my bracelet from a stunning piece of metalwork called the Sollested horse collar from 10th century Denmark.

      The sharp angles and flowing curves show Huginn and Muninn, the two ravens of norse myth. Their names translate as Thought and Memory. They served Odin as spirit guides, soaring across the different worlds and bringing back news to the All Father. The name of each raven is inscribed in Viking runes by the head of each bird.

       They represent the power of the mind in the quest for wisdom. Just as the two ravens wove their journeys through the fate of the worlds, their bodies weave through the design of this unique bracelet. 

      Available in Sterling silver only.

      Size and Weight 

      This armring is adjustable and can be bent gently to fit. It will fit a wrist measuring 15.5cms -19cm (6 – 7 ½ inches) in circumference, measured between the hand and the wrist bone. 

      Weight Sterling Silver 54g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 

      You can adjust the armring yourself, but if you would like us to do it for you, please state your wrist size in the special instructions box in the cart.

      To help you select the correct size, how to measure yourself and make slight adjustments when you receive your bracelet, we have made a short film on our YouTube Channel. Please copy and paste in your browser 


      Customer Reviews

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      Joseph Scott Anthony
      "Life-Jewelry" Heirloom Gravitas

      From the moment I pulled it out I could tell it was one of those pieces you wear for life. Heavy sterling silver, exquisite detail, Alban's authentically inspired Norse Viking designs give them the "life-jewelry" and heirloom pass on-able gravitas that is rare to find today. I highly recommend this artist's work, and will myself be buying more pieces in the near future. Also Rachel was extraordinary to work with in the delivery of my pieces. I am deeply glad I found them after much searching and research on the web. The real-deal is out there –– and you've found it with Alban, Rachel, and Northan Viking Silver. Thank you so much, I love my arm ring.

      Thank you so much Joe!

      Thorsten Beckmann
      Wonderful Raven

      Last Christmas I got this wonderful bangle with Odin's ravens from my wife, I love this piece of jewelry, it has accompanied me from day to day ...

      Thanks Thorsten

      Shadrack Chaffin
      Thought & Memory

      Huginn and Muninn,Odin's ravens and faithful companions. I believethe quote goes The All-Father said "I fear the day Huginn (Thought) does not return. But I fear for Muninn (Memory) more. Its a great commentary about old age. I hope with this beautiful piece of work, I'll be able to look upon this armring when I'm older and remember the days of my youth.

      The Armring itself fits wonderfully, the design actually has two different patterns for the two Ravens respectively. Its a sturdy bracelet, i wear it around almost 24/7 and only take it off when I sleep. If Odin is the deity you worship, I highly recommend you buy this.

      Thank you Shadrack!

      Dario Zanetti
      Gorgeous Viking Raven Arm Ring with Runes

      I bought the Viking Raven Arm Ring with Runes. That arm ring is gorgeous and it is extremely well finished. Moreover, it fits perfectly. Alban is an extraordinary artist and silversmith. I have never seen such an amazing arm ring before. I am so proud to own and wear it. I will definitely buy from that artist again.

      Thanks so much Dario!

      Great work, perfect execution

      It is again a breathtaking work by Alban. The quality is outstanding. The execution and handling of personal wishes cannot be better.
      I am very happy and can recommend the products to others. Surely it will not be my last order.

      Thank you so much Robert, we are so glad you appreciate the work.

      Customer Reviews

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