Viking Dragon Pendant Urnes Style


    • Description

      This beautiful little pendant with its proud Viking dragon is from an original find from Mors in Denmark. The original was an Urnes style brooch, but I have re-made it as both a pendant and a brooch (see Brooches and Pins). I have changed the form slightly, smoothing out the elegant lines of the Urnes style dragon. The dragon was a potent symbol for the Vikings as a fierce guardian against danger.

      This motif from Mors could also possibly be a serpent. A serpent sheds its skin and is reborn. The great Midgard serpent encircles the entire world, a symbol of the balancing force of nature that constantly renews itself.

      As with so much of Viking art, the exact interpretation is up to the viewer, but this ancient design can still touch our hearts today.

      Height 29mm

      Weight of Sterling Silver 8g (Weight may vary from piece to piece)