Viking Wolf Head Pendant


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      I have designed this wolf head pendant myself, using the Borre style and closely modelling it on wolf head motifs found on an original viking casket.

      The wolf was a symbol of power for the Vikings – we find it again and again as an image in their art, but also in their myths and legends.

      The wolf was primarily the sign of the warrior, but it also works on deeper levels of meaning.

      The wolf lurked in the deep forest of legend (known as Mirkvithr), a hidden threat in dark places; the myth of the inner warrior who waits to come out.

      The lone wolf was something strongly independent and untamed; the name wolfshead was also a term used for an outlaw who took refuge in the forest.

      These are the Viking Age associations for a wolf head pendant; for some of us this ancient lore still carries echoes today.

       Height 31mm

      Weight in Sterling Silver 12.4g  (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 


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