Winged Loki Pendant


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      I have copied this intriguing piece showing a winged man from a find from Uppakra in Sweden. Do we have here a depiction of Loki, clad in Freya's falcon skin, flying hawkishly over the worlds? Or is this Volund (Weland/Wieland) the smith, who legend tells built himself wings to escape from earthbound slavery? (A symbol of a person who rises above adversity). The interpretation is open.

      Similarly, we do not know what the find was originally used for - I have made it as a pendant and brooch (see Brooches and Pins).

      Whether a Loki pendant, or Volund pendant, this winged man is an outstanding example of Viking art.


      Height 40mm (1 5/8 inches)

      Weight in Sterling Silver 12.5g  (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 


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