Thor Armring With Runes


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      My armring of Thor has original runes taken from Viking Age inscriptions. They are the genuine article. I have used inscriptions from runestones: sithi Thor. Thor vigi thesi runaR, translating ‘Thor protect, Thor bless these runes‘.

      Runes served as lettering for the vikings, but also contained a sense of mystical power. An ancient norse poem tells how the god Odin hung himself on the World Tree for nine nights in a shamanistic ritual, in order to learn the secrets of the runes. So when these inscriptions were carved into the stone, they were also intended to bring magical protection and power.

      Available in sterling silver only.


      The armring is 15mm wide at the widest point.

      This armring can be adjusted to fit wrists from 16-19cm  (6¼ -7 ½ inches)  circumference, measured between the hand and wrist bone.  You can do this yourself by gently bending it, or we can do it for you. Please quote your wrist size in the notes section as you check out when ordering.  


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