Viking Dragon Bracelet In Urnes Style


    • Description

      I have designed this bracelet myself, using the classic viking dragon motifs of the Urnes style, to make a unique modern viking dragon bracelet, keeping all the elegance of the original style. At the end of the Viking Age, a beautiful flowing design of graceful lines developed, depicting intertwined beasts or dragons.

      The dragon symbol occurs often in viking art as a guardian against danger and harm. At the same time, the harmonious conflict of the animals in the design hints at the Viking view of the universe: struggle and harmony being an essential part of life.


      The bracelet can be gently bent to fit and is intended to fit a small to medium wrist.

      It is 16mm wide at its widest point in the centre and fits wrists measuring 15 – 17.5cm (6 – 7 ¼ inches) in circumference.