A Viking Belt For Your Belt Set


Total length of belt
    • Description

      If you buy one of our belt sets, we will custom make a Viking belt for you. We use very high quality leather, thick and supple, in either dark brown or black. Just order this belt at the same time as your buckle set.

      You will need to choose the length of your belt. There are two measurements for this;  

      From the buckle to the mid-hole  This is the length of the belt that wraps around your waist.  (The mid-hole is the hole you would usually use. We will make 3 holes either side of this). The safest way to measure this is to use an old belt. This will account for the thickness of the leather and where exactly on your waist or hips the belt is worn. 

      Total length of belt including strap end

      Many people choose to have a long 'tail' on their belt and knot it before hanging the strap down. Do not forget to allow for the knot in the strap. For modern trousers you will not need this tail, just select the length of belt you prefer.