Wide Viking Belt Set with Wolf Heads in Ringerike Style


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      Out of the river Thames came an unusually wide Viking buckle, in the 11th century Ringerike style. This was the time when the Danish king Knut the Great sat on the English throne. My belt set is modelled on this original find.

      The original buckle was flat and triangular in shape. I have kept the pattern with two wolf heads and the original size, but I have made a more curving shape. I found the original for the strap end from a find from Skania (also part of Knut's far-reaching kingdom at that time). Integral rivets (spikes) on the back can be easily bent over to fix it to a belt.

      If you want your buckle set put on a belt, see the Viking belt offer at the start of this Belt Fittings section.

      Takes a strap 38mm (1½ inches) wide. Belt tapers to take the strap end. Strap end length 65mm (2½ inches) 

      Weight in Sterling Silver Set 68g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 


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