Viking Drinking Horn Terminal


    • Description

      This is a Viking drinking horn terminal that will make a precious horn special, proud to be raised in any long hall.

      The sagas tell us how important the drinking horn was to the Vikings in their feasts and ceremonies. Only a few fragments of these horns survive from the Viking Age so I have designed my own. It is based on a magnificent Iron Age example from Sutton Hoo in England, but I have decorated mine in the 9th-10th century Borrestyle of viking art. Depictions of historical horns show that they were tipped with bird's heads, so I have done the same. (This appears to be a connection with Odin, see the description of the Odin's mask in the pendants section).

      These horn terminals are time consuming to make and I only complete a couple each year. They should be fixed with glue and then pinned into the horn at the tip of each of the five leaves. I have carefully made these leaves as fine as possible, so they will bend to the shape of each individual horn.

      Size and Weight 

      Length 125mm 

      Weight Sterling Silver 95g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 


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