Sword Hilt Set Type O - Project with Dimicator - Reservation Fee


    • Description

      We are working on an exciting new historical reconstruction.

      I am collaborating with my old friend and renowned expert on historical swordsmanship, Roland Warzecha from Dimicator www.patreon.com/dimicator to help make an accurate reconstruction of this type O hilt set.  It was found near the Danish Viking town Haithabu (Hedeby). Swords of this type were popular between CE 880 – 950, so a sword like this may well have been drawn during the Viking siege of Paris or when Henry I attacked Hedeby.

      This is an opportunity for you, if you are a historical sword enthusiast, to support this project. We have started work now and we expect the first sets to be ready by the end of August 2021.

      Each finished set will cost £350.00 in bronze.

      If you would like one of these special authentic Viking sword hilts, please order as soon as possible, and make a down payment of £100.00.

      This is a limited edition, we will only make a maximum of 50 of these special sets worldwide, and each set will be numbered. In addition, every customer will receive a pdf of historical documentation, with excellent photographs and illustrations of the original find.

      As soon as your set is finished, we will contact you for the remainder of the payment, £250, plus shipping (£10 for Europe, £15 for international).

      Dimensions. We will follow the exact dimensions of the original find. These are shown in the examination sketch in millimetres. To summarise, the lower guard (crosspiece) will be 105mm wide. The upper guard (pommel) will measure 65.5mm wide at the widest point of the upper guard. The pommel is made of two pieces, the upper guard and the pommel cap, which will rivet together. Please be aware that the original is hollow and lightweight, and our reconstruction will be the same. Please note that the “photograph” of the reconstruction is Roland’s simulation, the bronze model has not yet been made! (The carved patterns will be more carefully made in the bronze).

      For the historical swordsman: the original has an offset pommel, allowing the upper guard to fit more comfortably in the palm. We will cut a guide slot for the tang in the bronze to your specification. This will be discussed with each customer individually, and is included in the £350.00 price. 

      Silver wire may or may not have been inlaid around the original Viking hilt. There is no sign of it on the original find. We are not including silver inlay in the cost, but we hope to be able to offer this as an extra. Again, this can be discussed through individual correspondence.