Viking Bead Dividers With Bird Design


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      These beautiful bird design bead dividers make a striking addition to your brooches Wealthy women in the Viking Age displayed their status through what they wore. An important part of this were the precious beads hung between the tortoise brooches, or paired brooches. Various examples of these bead dividers, or bead separaters, have been found. These ones are my own design, inspired by an original find of a very simple bird-shaped divider. I have used the 9th-10th century Borre art style to decorate mine, and drilled each one with 7 holes for affixing the strings.

      The beak of the bird can be left as a hook, or bent closed around a ring or loop.

      Price is for the pair.

      Length 45mm 

      Weight Sterling Silver Pair 28g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 


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