Viking Axe Edge Armring


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      The sharp, blade-like angles of this bracelet seemed to spring out of nowhere into my head one day.  I immediately set to carving out the smooth shape into wax. On reflection, I can trace the inspiration to some original pieces from the Viking Age. There is a serpent-headed bracelet with a similar cross-section from the 11th century (which I have already used as a basis for some of my rings). But I am also reminded of the extra steel edge forged onto the fearsome battle axes of the later Viking period (often nowadays called Dane axes).

      Once I had carved the basic shape, it took me quite a while experimenting with possible patterns, as I tried to find the one that would complement the strong angular form. Many rejected sketches fell to the floor and I thought this may become one of the designs that never gets completed.

      The solution came from pictures in an old book of Birka finds, first published in 1913. There I found a type of penannular cloak pin from Gotland and Birka, with this simple ribbon ornament, sharpened with punch work.

      A hard mirror-finish completes the striking minimalism of this armring, an ancient design with a modern edge.

      Size and Weight 

      The armrings are adjustable and you can bend them to fit.

      The medium armring will fit wrist sizes 16 – 19.5cm circumference (6 ¼ – 7 ¾inches), measured between your hand and the wrist bone.

      Weight Sterling Silver 60g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 

      The large armring will fit wrists 19.5 – 21cm circumference (7 ½ – 8 ¼ inches), measured between your hand and the wrist bone.

      Weight Sterling Silver 60g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 

      The armring measures 15mm wide at the centre.

      If you would like us to adjust the armring for you, please state your wrist size in the notes section as you check out.

      To help you select the correct size, how to measure yourself and make slight adjustments when you receive your bracelet, we have made a short film on our YouTube Channel. Please copy and paste in your browser  


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      Best Wedding gift

      I got this armring from my wife to our wedding. The armring is beautiful and a high-qualitiy product.
      Thank you Rachel and Alban, hope to see you soon

      Stef Groen

      I love my new bracelet.
      I got it for my birthday.
      It is a very beautiful piece of

      Thank you so much Stef!

      Customer Reviews

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