Viking Design Wolf T-Shirt


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      On this T-shirt the ancient motif of the viking wolf finds its way into the 21st century wardrobe. I have designed these patterns myself, basing them closely on original Viking Age carvings.

      The front of the shirt depicts the monstrous wolf Fenrir, writhing in his fury, bound and awaiting Ragnarok. An Old Norse poem Voluspa fortells the doom of the gods and I have used a line from this for the runic inscription: festR mun slitna en freki renna – the bond will break and the wolf run free.

      The back of the shirt shows the two mythical wolves Skol and Hati. They chase the moon and the sun and at Ragnarok they will catch them and devour them.

      The prints are produced in a small workshop in England. Washfast and long-lasting, they are printed by hand on the highest grade 100% cotton T-shirts. All shirts are black.


      Small - 34/36 inches, Medium - 38/40 inches, Large - 42/44 inches, XL - 46/48 inches, 2XL - 50/52 inches, 3XL 54/56 inches, 4XL - 58/60 inches, 5XL - 62/64 inches.




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