Viking T-Shirt with Beast from the Jelling Stone


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      The beast on the front of this T-shirt is my adaptation of the beast that bestrides Harald Bluetooth's stone in Jelling, Denmark. That great Viking king set up a rune stone covered in Mammen style patterns, the centrepiece of which is the powerful beast in conflict with a serpent.  The runes speak in Old Norse from an ancient poem “There came the dark dragon, the serpent bright, from below".

      The back of the shirt shows the amazing pattern found on a battleaxe from Mammen in Denmark, interlocked silver lines inlaid into steel. 

      This is genuine Viking art. The past finds its place in the present.

      The prints are produced in a small workshop in England. Washfast and long-lasting, they are printed by hand on the highest grade 100% cotton T-shirts. All shirts are black and prints are red and white.


      Small - 34/36 inches, Medium - 38/40 inches, Large - 42/44 inches, XL - 46/48 inches, 2XL - 50/52 inches, 3XL 54/56 inches, 4XL - 58/60 inches, 5XL - 62/64 inches.


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