Viking T-Shirt with Mask


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      This striking mask is an original Viking Age motif from a runestone from Denmark.

      The mask, carved in the 11th century, still stares out of the stone 1000 years later. (Although now it is in the museum of Moesgaard, not by the roadside).

      The runes on the stone commemorate a Viking who died in battle, but give no clue to the meaning of the mask. Some say it is Loki, some say Thor, others say a lion from Byzantium. These are all interpretations I have heard for this viking mask, but the truth is, we don't know.

      Perhaps the fearsome the mask was intended to frighten evil spirits, as Moesgaard museum suggests.

      Whatever its meaning, it is an outstanding Viking design that can hold up its head in the 21st century.

      The prints are produced in a small workshop in England. Washfast and long-lasting, they are printed by hand on the highest grade 100% cotton T-shirts. All shirts are black.


      Small - 34/36 inches, Medium - 38/40 inches, Large - 42/44 inches, XL - 46/48 inches, 2XL - 50/52 inches, 3XL 54/56 inches, 4XL - 58/60 inches, 5XL - 62/64 inches.


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