Viking T-Shirt with Wolf Fenrir


    • Description

      The shirt depicts the monstrous wolf Fenrir, roaring in his fury, as he fights against the magical bond Gleipnir. 

      He writhes and struggles until Ragnarok, when he will finally break free and bring his vengeance down on the gods who betrayed him. 

      The design is inspired by the Mammen style from the late 10th Century, and flows from the chest, across the shoulder to the back.

      The print colour is a light grey on a black T-shirt and we have sizes from Small up to 3XL.

      The prints are produced in a small workshop in England. Washfast and long-lasting, they are printed by hand on the highest grade 100% cotton T-shirts. All shirts are black.


      Small - 34/36 inches, Medium - 38/40 inches, Large - 42/44 inches, XL - 46/48 inches, 2XL - 50/52 inches, 3XL 54/56 inches, 4XL - 58/60 inches, 5XL - 62/64 inches.


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