Frankish Belt Set in Bronze and Silver


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      I have copied this Frankish belt set from an orignal find from Baden-Würtenburg in Germany. This type of buckle set is pre-Viking, dating from the beginning of the 7th century.

      It has such magnificent art work that I couldn't resist making it. The plates are cast in bronze, and the rivets and pin piece are solid sterling silver. The original was produced in an Alamannic workshop, probably for a rich lord from a Frankish court.

      This buckle set requires a special kind of belt that I can make for you for an extra cost of 80 GBP. Please email us if you want to order one.

      Takes strap 38mm (1 ½ inches) wide, or wider.

       Length of entire set, as pictured, 210mm (8¼ inches)


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