Viking Buckle Set With Two Wolf Heads from Gotland


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       I have copied this Viking buckle set from an original find from Gotland. The buckle has a really unusual Borre style pattern, ending in two wolf heads.

      Also unusual is the cast belt loop with, adding that extra metallic gleam that the Vikings valued so much.  

      The strap end also has two heads, or masks, in the Borre style pattern, dating this buckle set to mid-9th to mid-10th century. There is a split in the strap end for easy riveting of the leather.

      This buckle set is supplied as 3 pieces. If you would like the buckle and strap end only, then opt for the 2 piece set when you order.

      Like so many of the finds from Gotland, this buckle set shows exceptional crafsmanship and style. As an important trading island between east and west, pieces from Gotland were widespread. This type of buckle and loop have been found in Smolenskaja, Russia, and the strap end is known from Birka.

      If you want your buckle set put on a belt, see the Viking belt offer at the start of this Belt Fittings section.

      Takes a strap 19mm (¾ inch) wide, tapering to the strap end. Strap end 55mm (2 inches) long.

      Weight Sterling Silver 3 Piece Set 54g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 

      Weight Sterling Silver 2 Piece Set 42g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 


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