Viking Dragon Brooch in Ringerike Style


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      This Ringerike style brooch from Sweden is an outstanding example of an 11th century type of dragon brooch. I found this Viking dragon brooch quite by chance on a postcard on a friend's mantelpiece, sent to him from Lund museum, where the original piece is kept.

      I thought this was such a fine example of this dragon rampant motif that I just had to make a copy and bring this special piece of Viking tradition into the modern day.

      The Vikings told tales of dragons who stood guard over ancient treasure. In their art they often used the symbol of the dragon as a guardian against danger.

      Now this traditional symbol is rampant once again.

      The strong pin will work well for light or medium cloth.

       Height 30mm 

      Weight in Sterling Silver 15g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 


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