Raven Shaped Garter Hooks in Borre Style


    • Description

      These elegant raven hooks were found in a Viking excavation in Russia and had been used as garter hooks for bands wrapped around the lower leg. Their Borre style dates them from mid-9th to mid-10th century.

      The raven as a totem animal signified wisdom or the power of the mind. The ravens Huginn and Muninn aided the god Odin in his quest for wisdom. The raven could similarly act as spirit guide to the Otherworld.

      At a distant time in the Viking Age, a craftsman created these little ravens to bring beauty and power into common objects used in everday life.

      Now I have recreated them for use today. They can be easily sewn to leather or fabric bands.

      Price is for the pair.

      Size and Weight 

      Height 36mm 

      Weight Sterling Silver Pair 12g (Weight may vary from piece to piece)




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