Belt Stud From Birka


    • Description

      The Vikings came into contact with the steppe nomad tribes on the Russian plains and adopted from them a splendid style of studded belt, with a long tail. Many of these eastern belts have been found in Viking excavations with eastern fittings, but this one from Birka grave 369 is different: it contains one of these belts, but this one is made with scandinavian style fittings. 369 is a warrior grave with a belt made up of 40 studs of three different types.

      This type here, with a Jelling style beast, was the most common.

      I have copied the original dimensions of the stud, but raised mine to a slightly curved profile, rather than flat, like the original.

      Just like the original find, the stud has four spikes at the corners which can be riveted to a backing plate, or simply bent over.


      18mm square

      We offer a discount of you buy in quantity:

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      If you want to order these studs put on a belt, see the Viking belt offer at the start of this Belt Fittings section.