Borre Style Belt Set from Denmark With Wolves


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      A hoard of silver was discovered in Duesminde in Denmark about a decade ago with some unusually large belt sets in Borre style. When I saw this find I just had to make a copy.

      The buckle has a strongly curving shape, decorated with two wolves in the style of gripping beasts. I haven't seen this type before. The Borre art style dates it from mid-9th to mid-10th centuries.

      I recognise the type of strap end from other Viking Age finds, with gripping beast patterns, but this one is longer than the others. It also has a remakable spiral pattern on the back, which I have also never seen before.

      Sometimes I modify patterns when I copy pieces, but this remarkable buckle set is great just as it is.

      The strap end is split for easy riveting of the leather strap.

       If you want your buckle set put on a belt, see the Viking belt offer at the start of this Belt Fittings section.

      It takes a strap 28mm (1¼ inches) wide, tapered to the strap end.

      Strap end length 78mm (3 inches) 

      Weight for Sterling Silver 71g (Weight may vary from piece to piece) 



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      Beautiful work

      Supreme craftsmanship that attests to the deep love of Viking art that the team at Northan share. A beautiful belt set delivered promptly with very personal customer service. Delighted.

      Thanks Bill

      Julie Lerdalen
      Outstanding handcraft

      It gives a special feeling when you wear a piece of art like this.
      You can feel the soul within it.
      This is really outstanding handcraft.
      Made with grace and respekt, and it shows.
      Beautiful AND durable.
      This will live in our family for generasjons.

      Thank you Julie.

      Stolen from the dwarves?

      The word on the street is that Northan doesn't make these fittings himself but he steals them from the dwarves who make them deep in the mountain forges.
      All crazyness aside, for jewelry, Northan is another level. You can buy a lot of Viking bling, but you'll never find things more beautiful than here. The amount of depth and detail is amazing.
      I have seen the originals in the museum and you almost can't see the difference.
      It is still one of my most beautiful pieces and I even might get myself a silver one as well.
      I ordered it with the belt included and got a very beautiful very high quality belt. Exacly as requested.
      There was obviously no tolerance towards the quality of the cast. No mistakes, high quality bronze, no flaws. Worth every penny!

      Great work

      Bought this set in bronze on a market. This is by far the best reproduction available. The details are deep set, the cast is faultless. Quality!

      Thanks Daniel

      Customer Reviews

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