Borre Style Belt Set from Gotland


    • Description

      I have modelled this belt set on a splendid find from Gotland, in the Borre art style. I have modified my version, slightly increasing the strap size and adding a pattern to the buckle itself. I have also sharpened the contours of the strap end and added weight to the form.

      There are so many interesting finds from Gotland that it is one of my favourite sources when looking for new inspiration. This outstanding buckle set from mid-9th - mid-10th century is just one of them.

      The buckle plate fastens with integral rivets – spikes that can be bent over to attach it to the belt, or used as rivets for a back plate. The strap end is split to insert the leather of the belt before riveting it.

      If you want your buckle set put on a belt, see the Viking belt offer at the start of this Belt Fittings section.

      Takes strap 28mm (1 1/8 inches) wide, tapering to the strap end. Strap end length 73mm (3 inches). 

      Weight for Sterling Silver set 82g (Weight may vary from piece to piece)