Dome-Shaped Belt Stud From Birka


    • Description

      Many eastern style belts have been found in Viking excavations, including Birka, decorated with eastern types of belt stud.

      The Vikings came into contact with the steppe nomad tribes on the Russian plains and adopted from them a splendid style of studded belt, with a long tail. Many of these eastern belts have been found, but this one from Birka grave 369 is different: it contains one of these belts, but this one is made with Viking style fittings. 369 is a warrior grave with a belt made up of 40 studs of three different types.

      There were 3 of these dome-shaped studs here. (We know this type from horse harness also, where it was used where the straps joined).

      Just like the original find, the stud has four spikes at the corners which can be riveted to a backing plate, or simply bent over.

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      Size 18mm square

      Weight Sterling Silver 8.6g (Weight may vary from piece to piece)