Gripping Beast Buckle Set from Birka


    • Description

      This is a really special buckle found in Birka, with a goggle-eyed gripping beast on both the buckle and plate. When I made this copy, many years ago, I had no picture of a strap end, so I have designed one to match. The gripping beast is Borre style, which dates this buckle set from mid-9th to mid-10th century.

      The buckle plate has two intergal rivets that will need the addition of a back plate or washers. The rivets can then be peaned over. The strap end is split for easy riveting to the leather.

      If you want your buckle set put on a belt, see the Viking belt offer at the start of this Belt Fittings section.

      Takes a strap 16mm (5/8inch) wide, tapering slightly to the strap end. Strap end length 52mm (2 inches).

      Weight for Sterling Silver set 46g  (Weight may vary from piece to piece)