Openwork Tortoise Brooches in Borre Style


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      These tortoise brooches are a delicate, single-piece version of Petersen type 51 in Borre style. I have modelled them as openwork, to keep them as fine and delicate as possible.

      They involve many hours of painstaking work. I have inlaid them with twisted sterling silver wire and riveted them with silver studs, finishing them with a strong steel pin.

      This type of brooch was the most widespread in the Viking Age, they have been found in every country where the Vikings settled. I have reduced the size of mine by about 20% to save weight and removed the back plate.

      I do not often get time to make this type, I only make a few pairs a year. I only make them in bronze, like the originals, with the contrasting colour of the silver inlay.

      The price is for the pair.

      Height 86mm 



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