Simple Viking or Slavic Belt Set from Oldenburg


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      This is a very interesting type of belt set. It was excavated at the Slavic fortress in Oldenburg, north Germany and it is uncertain whether it is of slavic or Viking origin. It may have been used for a fabric strap, such as tablet weaving. The strap passes through the loop and is half-knotted to close the belt. It makes a very simple closure.

      These strap ends have been found in Birka and there is a theory that this type of belt is Danish. It is dated to the 10th century.

      If you want your buckle set put on a belt, see the Viking belt offer at the start of this Belt Fittings section.

      Takes strap 11mm wide (a fabric strap can be up to 25mm wide). Strap end length 40mm (1½ inches).

      Weight for Sterling Silver set 16g (Weight may vary from piece to piece)  


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